Mission Statement

The pace of change in the world is accelerating at an ever-faster rate. We all know this.

Traditional careers are being rapidly disrupted. We know that too.

You should “Plan for Five Careers in a Lifetime”. Yup. We read that article too.

But what’s missing from the vague pronouncements of Silicon Valley CEOs and futurists is any specific guidance on how we as individuals can manage our own personal evolution. Our society is set up for a lifetime of specialization, but the job market is demanding constant evolution. Coaching bridges that gap.

I’ve spent many years researching career transitions, mid-life epiphanies and personal meaning. I became increasingly frustrated with the lack of anyone offering personalised support at such a crucial time of life. The result is Personal Best.

But I don’t know what I want to do?

You know you want more growth but you don’t know much more than that. That’s normal. Most of us have been on one path since graduation. Often it’s one prescribed for us by someone else.

But trying to think our way to our calling can actually paralyze us into inaction. A critical part of the problem is that the answers may not be found online. Picasso said: ‘Computers are useless. They can only give you answers’. Google can’t help you plan your unique personal reinvention if you don’t even know what to type in the search bar.. 

If technology can’t help, the best path is a personalized 1-on-1 relationship with an experienced coach.

I wrote a short 4 minute article explaining why coaching can do what Google can’t.