About Me:

I am a British expat living in New York. I have spent the last 14 years on Wall Street as a Managing Director in Equity Sales. My professional expertise and my personal passion has always been absorbing vast amounts of information and extracting the practical nuggets of useful insight. I’m used to working in fast-paced, high pressure environments.

Several years ago I faced a spiritual and professional crisis of meaning in my own life. I knew I was desperately short of meaning and personal connection to others. Over time I realized I needed to seek our a relational mode of existence; where I worked face to face connecting to other humans on a deeper level. On a friend’s recommendation I sought out a coach. My own experience was so overwhelmingly positive it repeatedly proved the value to me. But I didn’t see anyone in the field with first-hand experience of the unique perspectives and hang-ups you acquire on Wall Street. So I qualified as a coach myself.

Over the last few years I have consumed literally hundreds of books, thousands of hours of podcasts and tens of thousands of articles. My areas of focus have been happiness, meaning, ‘flow’, mythology, faith and careers.  Many of my favourite books and articles can be found in the Recommended Reading section. I further outlined my own personal coaching philosophy and some life-changing revelations in the article; Sacrifices and Superpowers.

I believe everyone can benefit from the right coaching relationship. These relationships can be crucibles for profound positive change. You can read my brief mission statement here.

14 years in finance have given me pattern-recognition skills that I can use to expand your awareness of your own life and behaviour. The sad fact is that most of us are continually operating in a less aware state than we think we are. An article in the Atlantic recently wrote that ‘Sixteen rigorous studies of thousands of people at work have shown that people’s coworkers are better than they are at recognizing how their personality will affect their job performance….. They’re often more than twice as accurate.’ Would you want your co-workers to retain the perceptive advantage over you, or would you rather take control of your own limiting behaviours?

The Atlantic’s conclusion is that you need people in your life who are motivated to see you accurately. Who do you have in that role and are they unbiased?

I am a certified Functional Medicine coach. This is an intensive, year-long health-coaching qualification with a focus on nutrition, wellness and positive psychology (you can read more about it here). My own chronic pain led me to find more effective and comprehensive healing avenues than the traditional exclusively-pharmaceutical approach.

Prior to finance I was a teacher in Vietnam, a steel trader, a speech-writer and a soccer agent.

In my spare time I enjoy boxing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, writing, reading and travel. After reading Frank Ostaseski’s marvelous book The Five Invitations, I was moved to become a part-time MJHS hospice volunteer. It was a good lesson on listening well and fully appreciating your life.

I have a first class MA from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

I currently reside in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, with my wife Diane, son Jack and our rabbit Frank.