Become Your Best Self

Tom O. Morgan (FMCHC), Executive and Lifestyle Coach


The world is faster-paced and more uncertain than ever before.

Our society is set up for a lifetime of specialization, but the job market is demanding constant evolution. Coaching bridges that gap.

If you’re a high-performer that’s feeling lost, trapped or stuck, coaching can provide you with the precious space to grow and evolve.

Too many people are trying to manage the evolution of their lives and career on their own.

You don’t have to.

I have spent years researching the topics of careers, happiness, identity and personal meaning. My clients are CEOs, Wall Street Executives and people looking for personal change and growth.

I strongly believe that a highly-personalised coaching relationship can help you find your meaning and purpose in the world. At the very least, it can get you unstuck from a rut.

For me, coaching isn’t about pre-prescribed plans, life-hacking or bullet-point advice, it’s about forming an evolutionary partnership uniquely specific to your situation.

You can read more about my own personal evolution through coaching here. You can read my Mission Statement here.

‘Growth is painful. Change is painful. But, nothing is as painful as staying stuck where you do not belong.’ -Narayana Murthy


The process of exploring personal change is best undergone with the help of a professional coach.

* Get Better.
A coaching relationship can help you form concrete goals and hold you accountable to them. This allows you to maximize your potential in every area of your life.

* Get aware. 
The ultimate payoff from a coaching relationship is that it raises your awareness level in every area of your life. An article in the Atlantic recently wrote that ‘Sixteen rigorous studies of thousands of people at work have shown that people’s coworkers are better than they are at recognizing how their personality will affect their job performance….. They’re often more than twice as accurate.’ Would you want your coworkers to retain the perceptive advantage over you, or would you rather take control of your own limiting behaviours? The Atlantic’s conclusion is that you need people in your life who are motivated to see you accurately. Who do you have in that role and are they unbiased?

*Get something uniquely personal.
Coaching is something you can’t get anywhere else. Answers that aren’t Googleable, a connection that is genuine and attention that is uniquely yours. Most importantly, I will be with you with you every step of the way- on phone and email. Far too many people feel like they are going through this journey alone. Part of the magic is in being truly listened to, something that’s increasingly rare in our permanently distracted states.

*Get unstuck.
Too many people feel stuck or trapped. A coaching relationship can show you where the walls are real and where they are just your own fears and limitations. A coaching relationship can help you get unstuck from a rut or a limiting perspective. It can draw your attention to your blind spots or unconscious habits.

*Get Healthier.
As a qualified Functional Medicine Health Coach I can help provide the link between a plan for change and effective action in your life.

*Get feedback.
The most popular aspect of my offering is that you can expect detailed notes and feedback on every single session.

Why me?

  • I am an experienced coach who has successfully worked with high-performing executives from New York, to Hong Kong, to London and Singapore.

  • As a former Managing Director on Wall Street I understand the many pressures of working in a fast-paced environment.

  • My own story demonstrates that I understand the uncertainties and fears that come with a career change or mid-life transition.

  • Personal experience with chronic pain led me to a qualification as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC). This is an intensive, year-long health-coaching qualification with a focus on nutrition, wellness and positive psychology (you can read more here). The idea is treating the whole individual and adressing every relevant facet of their life.

  • I am trained in Existential Humanistic Therapy. It’s a discipline appropriate to the time of life when we begin to ask questions about meaning and mortality, but with an emphasis on focusing on the here-and-now. The Atlantic wrote a short article on What It’s Like to Visit an Existential Therapist.

  • I have a lifelong love of learning on all topics related to personal growth. The Recommended Reading page offers a small sample of my reading and writing.

  • I am currently pursuing the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) Co-active coaching qualification. This is accredited by the International Coach Federation industry body and has been hailed as the “Gold Standard” by the Institute of Coaching.

  • I hold a first class MA from Oxford University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


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Take back control of your life.